Booking Amendment

Booking Amendment Request

To send a change request to your current booking via an easy-to-fill-in web form, click on “Booking Amendment” under the menu item “Book” in the left navigation bar of the Online Business Suite.  

You can also access the web form from the Navigator via the “Update Booking” button.  

1. After entering the correct shipment/booking number in the field at the top, select “I want to update booking” or “I want to cancel booking” via the button.
2. Select the “Type of amendment” from the drop-down list.

3. Related to the amendment type that you select, reasons can be specified via the “Reason” drop-down menu.
4. Enter any necessary details on the update request.

5. Upload any necessary documents for your type of amendment by clicking on the “Add attachments” button (max. 3 MB per amendment request).

6. Check the contact email (prefilled from your user profile). You can edit the contact email field to the desired email address to receive the confirmation and status of your case.
7. Click on the “Submit request” button once you have filled in all relevant fields.

8. You will receive a case number for your request, which you can use as your reference.

Important points to remember

Make sure to key in the correct booking number if you are accessing the form directly from the Online Business Suite. Accessing from the Navigator will automatically populate the shipment number in the field.

You will receive the case number and the description of your case at your email address. So double-check the correctness of the contact email provided in the form.

Once the case is resolved, you will receive the case closure confirmation to the same contact email.

If you receive an error message after the submission of an update request/cancellation request, please click the "Submit" button again.

You can find further information about Booking Amendment and FAQs in the "About this app" section.

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