User Guide: webVGM

'webVGM' is the Hapag-Lloyd online solution for providing VGM data. The application provides you with three main functions. 

Submitting VGM data

Our online solution supports transmitting VGM data for up to five containers at a time. When the mandatory details are entered (Booking Number, Container Number, Verified Weight, Weight Unit, Verfication Signature and the Shipper Company) you can submit them via the Save button. A prevalidation check is available via "Validate Containers". If you don't have the Tare details at hand, you can use the "Validate Containers" function to display Tare details from our system. To provide optional VGM details use "Add Details" to switch between mandatory and optional fields.

Monitoring on Shipment basis

A general overview of all your recent transports with Hapag-Lloyd. Upon entering the site all of your active transports will be displayed. Using the filter options you will be able to see instantly which of your shipments have outstanding VGM information. This function is only available to our online business customers with an assigned organization.

Transmission View

A general overview of all your recent VGM submissions with Hapag-Lloyd. Upon entering the site all of your recent VGM submissions will be displayed. This function is available to all our online business customers.


Each Hapag-Lloyd Online Business user will only be able to view those bookings where his / her assigned company (organization) is involved. Shipment data is never published to persons / users who are not involved in the transport. With the new SOLAS regulation, there might be additional parties involved in submitting the VGM. To prepare for this possibility every user is allowed to submit VGMs for valid Shipment / Container combinations.

Screen area: Filter Options

The overview can be filtered by Booking No, Container No and VGM status (using one field or a combination) to quickly find the data you are looking for. 

Screen area: Monitoring

In combination with the "Filter Options" field, the status of the VGM submission can be monitored by Shipments or by Transmission. 

Screen area: List of Bookings / Transmissions

This overview contains the most relevant information regarding your shipments and VGM submissions.

Columns (My Shipments)

  • Booking No.: The booking number of your shipment.
  • VGM Cut Off: The indication of the date when the VGM cut off is established for the relevant vessel in the shipment.
  • Customer Reference: If there is a customer reference defined for your shipment, it will be displayed here.
  • Start of Transport, Port of Loading: The start location in the routing. If it is different from the first port of loading, we will also display the location name of the first port of loading. It can be different from the port of loading of the maincarriage.Vessel Departure: Here you will find the planned vessel departure date at the loading port of the first vessel leg of your booking.
  • End of Transport, Port of Discharge: The last port of discharge in the routing. It can be different from the port of discharge of the main carriage. If it is not the last location in the routing, we will also display the last location in the routing as well.
  • VGM Status: Either Complete (Every container of this shipment has a valid VGM) or Incomplete (At least one container of this shipment does not have a valid VGM).  

Columns (My Transmissions)

  • Booking No.: The booking number for this transmission.
  • Container No.:  The container number for this transmission.Verification Signature: The duly authorized person you obtained the weight.
  • Verified Weight: The specified weight of this transmission. 
  • Unit: The unit of weight for this transmission.
  • Received Date: Date when the VGM was received by Hapag-Lloyd. This may be different from the processing date.
  • Received Time: Time when the VGM was received by Hapag-Lloyd. This may be different from the processing time.
  • VGM Status: The status of this transmission. Possible values are: Sent (VGM sent, but not yet processed), Pending (VGM in processing, but no result yet), Conditional (VGM processed, but needs manual checking by Hapag-Lloyd), Error (VGM processed, but error occurred please review processing report via email),  Complete (VGM processed successfully)

Screen area: VGM Submissions

Column Description

  • Container / Size Type: Container identification (i.e. HLXU 1234567) / ISO size type. (i.e. 22G1)
  • Tare: Tare of the container
  • Max. Gross: Max. Gross of container
  • Verified Weight: Verified gross mass means the total gross mass of a packed container as obtained by one of the methods described in SOLAS. 
  • Verification Signature: The verified gross mass of the packed container should be signed by a person duly authorized by the shipper. The name in capitals of the person authorized to sign it. 
  • Shipper Company: Company name of the Shipper.
  • Status: Preparation (VGM prepared, but not yet sent), Sent (VGM sent, but not yet processed), Pending (VGM in processing, but no result yet), Conditional (VGM processed, but needs manual checking by Hapag-Lloyd), Error (VGM processed, but error occurred please review processing report via email),  Complete (VGM processed successfully)
  • Determ. Date: Date when the VGM has been obtained. 
  • Solas Method: Method used to obtain the Verified Gross Mass. SOLAS defined Method 1 Weighing and Method 2 Calculation. 
  • Solas Cert.: Certificate number or Identification number given by the competent authority of the State in which the packing and sealing of the container was completed to allow determining or verifying the gross mass using a certain method. 
  • Country: Country code (in 2 letter ISO format) to identify country where the VGM was obtained. 
  • Provider Signature: Name of the person providing the VGM.


After submitting a VGM the processing will run in the background. When it is finished, you will receive a status report via email. There are three different states which can occur:

  • ACCEPTED - The VGM passed verification and was stored in the system.
  • CONDITIONAL ACCEPT - The VGM passed initial verification but needs manual verification by Hapag-Lloyd. You will receive a final ACCEPT or REJECT after the manual verification. A representative might check with you, if further information are required.
  • REJECT - The VGM did not pass verification, please review the processing report to determine the cause of the reject.

Direct VGM Validation

  • Container is currently not linked to your Booking. Please confirm the correctness of your submission.
    • This situation might occur if we have not linked a container to your booking yet. The booking might be in an early state or you are using a shippers owned container. As a VGM submission will always require manual verification, please check your entry for typos.
  • Unknown Container, please enter Container Size Type.
    • This situation occurs if we do not recognize the container you provided. There might be a typo in your entry. If you are sure your entry is correct we require the ISO Container Size Type to continue with your transmission.
  • Country Code is invalid.
    • The country must be entered as a two character ISO country code (e.g. DE, GB...)Container Size Type invalid.The Container Size Type must be entered as a 4 digit ISO Container Size Type (e.g. 22G0, 42G1...)
  • VGM for Container successfully submitted.
    • VGM was sent to Hapag-Lloyd, processing will start in a moment.
  • Container number not yet assigned.
    • When listing the containers from a shipment, we might find empty entries in the Shipment. The booking might be in an early stage, however if you know the container number already you may continue with your transmission.
  • Verified Weight is not within the allowed range.
    • Please check the provided weight, either it is less than the Tare or greater than Max. Gross. If you feel that the Tare or the Max. Gross in our system might be wrong please contact customer service.
  • VGM details ready for submission.
    • Container Validation was successful, you may proceed with saving your VGM.
  • The provided Size Type does not match the container.
    • The container is known by Hapag-Lloyd and the container size type you provided does not match it. Please enter the correct type, or if you don't know it please leave the field empty.
  • No Shipment provided.
    • A VGM submission without a booking number cannot be processed
  • No Container provided.
    • A VGM submission without a container number cannot be processed
  • All VGM fields required by SOLAS must be provided.
    • We require the following fields in addition to the Booking and the Container Number. Verified Weight, Unit, Verification Signature and Shipper Company.
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