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An FAQ for our customers on the war between Russia and Ukraine

As we update you with general facts on the cargo guidelines in our news, we have created the following Frequently Asked Questions concerning the war between Russia and Ukraine in connection with your cargo.

This document will be updated regularly.

Last update: April 13, 2022

Q: Can I still do bookings to Russia and Ukraine?
A: On February 24, 2022 we temporarily suspended bookings for Ukraine and Russia due to the developments of the last week. Additionally, there is a booking suspension for Belarus.

Q: Are there any exceptions related to shipping cargo to/from Russia and Belarus?
A: There are no exceptions.

Q: How will the sanctions that are being applied to Russia and Belarus affect my cargo on the way?
A: Cargo is being scanned to identify if any sanction regulations will apply to shipments on water or at transshipment port. If sanctions are applied for a particular shipment, our customer service team will reach out to the shipper to arrange return to Port of Loading.

Q: What are my options if I want to divert my cargo that is on the way to Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine?
A: We will provide with an update as soon as it is made available.

Q: What about charges for return or change of destination?
A: We understand that the current situation is challenging for our customers, and we will charge the minimum cost for the shipment. We will treat your Change of Destination or Return to Shipper request with utmost priority, and we will not charge Change of Destination or Return to Shipper fee. Please get in touch with your local Hapag-Lloyd office for additional requests.

Q: Can I perform a change of destination to a different country, keeping a Russian or Belarus Consignee or Notify in the BL?
A: Generally yes, however there might be import issues for customers due to specific local country regulations. Customers should clarify local requirements before execution.

Q: What about customs rules in case of Change of destination or Return to Shipper?
A: Local country regulations apply. Customers should clarify local requirements. In case of questions, please clarify with your local team before execution.

Q: Where is my cargo being routed to?
A: Ukraine and Russian cargo will be discharged in various ports within the Black Sea, such as Constanta (Romania), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Gemlik (Turkey).

Q: For the Ukraine cargo discharged in one of the alternative locations, will the consignee be able to take delivery? If yes, does the empty equipment need to be returned to the port of discharge?
A: The consignee will be able to take delivery in merchant haulage of the cargo and will also be able to return the empty equipment to any HL depot located outside Ukraine, Russia and/or Belarus, free of charge.

Q: What is the storage cost that will be applied to the cargo under end of voyage?
A: The storage cost will be different per location, and we are seeking the best possible pricing options to support our customers. For specific information, please reach out to our customer service at your location.

Q: What is the free time situation for import containers at Odessa? **Updated April 13, 2022**
The free time of all import containers currently discharged at Odessa will be extended until April 20, 2022.

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