Regional Updates in Europe

Last updated on November 29, 2023

Operational and Customer Service Overview

Last updated on November 29, 2023
Operations Team, Europe

"We understand that time is a valuable commodity. That's why our operational updates are designed to be brief, yet informative. In just two minutes, we can guide you through the main port updates and vessel news per service to assist with your cargo planning. We regularly update our information on this page, and twice a month, we'll remind you via email."

  • Please review our port updates below

Vessel updates and port changes per service

Indian Ocean Service (IOS)

  • There will be no sailing from Jebel Ali, UAE (westbound) on December 11, 2023 and from Rotterdam, NL (eastbound) on January 8, 2024. As an alternative we suggest to rebook your cargo to our Indian Ocean Service (IO3):

    • Jebel Ali, UAE (westbound) alternative: COSCO GLORY V.073W on December 13, 2023
    • Rotterdam, NL (eastbound) alternative: APL SALALAH V.0PE84E1MA on January 9, 2024

Mediterranean Service 1 (MD1) EB

  • MV Zenith Lumos V.013E and MV Zeus Lumos V.011E will omit Jeddah, SA and transit via Cape of Good Hope, please find below the cargo plan and revised ETA to Singapore:
  • MV Zenith LumosV.013E all cargo will be discharged in Damietta, EG. ETA Singapore Dec 24, 2023
  • MV Zeus Lumos V. 011E no Jeddah cargo will be accepted on this sailing. ETA Singapore Jan 1, 2024.

Mediterranean Service 2 (MD2) WB

  • The Zephyr Lumos V.011W will stop her voyage in Singapore. The voyage will be resumed by MV ONE Manchester V.038W at Singapore. All cargo loaded on the Zephyr Lumos V.011W will be transferred in Singapore to MV ONE Manchester V.038W which will maintain the regular port rotation of the service. Hereby the updated schedule with MV ONE Manchester: 
Singapore Nov 27 Nov 8
Jeddah Dec 11 Dec 12
Damietta Dec 14 Dec 16
Barcelona Dec 19 Dec 21
Valencia Dec 21 Dec 24
Genoa Dec 25 Dec 28
  • Additionally, please note all Genoa cargo currently on Zephyr Lumos V.011W will be transferred in Singapore to MD2 Al Murabba V.027W with ETA to Genoa Dec 27, 2023

Mediterranean Service 2 (MD2) WB

  • Week 48 MV Zeal Lumos V.010W will be replaced by MV Al Mashrab V.027W with no impact on the schedule as per below:
Pusan Nov 29 Nov 30
Shanghai Dec 2 Dec 3
Ningbo Dec 4 Dec 5
Kaohsiung Dec 7 Dec 7
Shekou Dec 9 Dec 10
Singapore Dec 14 Dec 14
Piraeus Dec 31 Jan 2
Genoa Jan 5 Jan 8
La Spezia Jan 9 Jan 11
Fos Sur Mer Jan 12 Jan 14
Barcelona Jan 16 Jan 17

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA 913: Yard steady at 65% -70%. Reefers at 60% - 65%, MTs further reduced to 25% - 30%.
  • PSA 869: Yard increased to 70% - 75%, reefers increased to 45% - 50%, MTs stable at 50% - 55% utilization. Civil works at PSA 869 resulting in ~400 meters reduction of berth started and is allowing one large vessel alongside at times but focus of cranes on one vessel is boosting productivity. 913 with ongoing bollard works, completion delayed to December.
  • AGW: Antwerp Gateways yard stands at 55% - 60%. Reefer plugs reduced compared to previous week to 60% - 65% utilization. MT yard at 30% - 35%. Terminal received 3 additional Gantries which are fully operational.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • ECT: Yard temporary increased to 70% - 75% utilization expected to drain by next week. Sufficient reefer plugs for the current demand. Empty stocks under control. Labor with slight challenge this week as all terminals in Rotterdam are having a busy week. Seasonal winds are leading to operational challenges and slight delays. Situation expected to improve over the coming weekend.
  • RWG: Yard stable at 55% - 60%. Reefer plug utilization with sufficient capacity at 50% - 55%. Labour sufficient. Terminal continues with good productivity even with a high berth utilization. Seasonal winds are leading to operational challenges and slight delays.

United Kingdom

  • SOU: Terminal with good productivity and full availability of equipment resources. Vessels berth on arrival. Yard increased this week due to import heavy calls to 80% - 85% but remains well manageable. Drainage expected to be quick. Reefer plugs at 55% - 60%.
  • LGP: Yard level stands at 50% - 55% utilization. Reefers are at 55% - 60% utilization. Labour sufficient with 8 – 10 gangs. Terminal received additional yard cranes for their ongoing expansion this week which led to a short time of reduced berth capacity, but all vessels remained with berth on arrival.

Hamburg, Germany 

  • CTA: Yard on an elevated operational level of 80% - 85%. Busy berth line-up during this week and the following.
  • CTB: Yard stands at 60% - 65% as terminal see considerable increase in berth utilization. Berth 1+2 still closed for operations due to construction site for AGV operations berth only usable as layby. Construction will continue until December. Ongoing construction with challenges to operations for all piers at CTB.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • CNMP/GMP/TNMSC: 24 hours of national strike in France saw all terminals in Le Havre without operations consequently, affected vessels were delayed.
  • GMP at 50% - 55% on a good operational level. CNMP yard stands at a good operational level of 50% - 55% utilization. Both terminals with good operations apart from the strike.


  • Weather-related Delays at North Tyrrhenian Ports: recent severe weather conditions, have impacted operations at North Tyrrhenian ports (Genoa, La Spezia, Leghorn, Civitavecchia, and Salerno). Terminal operational stops, continuous stop-and-go scenarios, and maneuvering delays have been experienced. Vessel delays expected. 


  • SKIKDA PORT: Average of road stay 2 to 4 days
  • BEJAIA PORT: Average of road stay 1 to 5 days
  • ALGIERS PORT: average of road stay of 3 to 6 days depending on vessel’s LOA.& Draft.


  • Operations under emergency situations
  • Haifa IMO restriction remain in place as follows:
    • No DG fresh booking for loading / discharge
    • NO problem for transit DG cargo
    • DG cargo on water can be discharged and stored at ILHFA port after Ministry of Transport approval except for Bromine/Amonia – IMO 2.1, 2.3 which will be handled as DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY.
  • Ashdod port updated restrictions for DG as follows:
    • No DG fresh booking for loading / discharge
    • NO problem for transit DG cargo
    • DG cargo on water can be discharged and stored at ILASH port after Ministry of Transport approval except for Bromine/Amonia – IMO 2.1, 2.3 which will be handled as DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY.
    • Reefers containing HAZMAT will be handled at direct delivery only.


  • Normal operations' flow


  • No updates for this week


  • Estimated 1-2 days vsl waiting on roads time for CSCT and 0-1 days in Socep.
  • Congestion at both the Constanta Ferry-Boat rail station and the CSCT port terminal


  • Irregular vessel arrivals
  • Longstanding equipment at terminal contributing to congestion


  • Irregular vessel arrivals caused by unpredictable weather conditions and disturbances in other ports.
  • Delays at Rijeka caused by track closures


  • Strike alert
  • From 14th Nov 07:00 hours up to 16th Nov 07:00 hours
  • From 22nd Nov 07:00 hours up to 24th Nov 07:00 hours
  • From 29th Nov 07:00 hours up to 30th Nov 07:00 hours
  • Leixoes - due to yard construction, one vessel per service open for reception
  • No updates this week

North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • No operational highlights for this week.

Germany & Central Europe

  • Construction work on several rail roads/ bridges could lead to extended transport times
  • Road Closures in Slovakia (Strážske – Michalovce) between July and September 2023. – Longer transit time expected


  • No operational highgliths for this week.


  • No operational highgliths for this week.

United Kingdom/Ireland

  • No updates for this week.

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa

  • No updates for this week.

Ukraine/Russia updates:

  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.

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Here's an update for Booking Cancellation Window for Region North Europe

We will be amending the time period that a booking may be cancelled without charge.

Currently, the Booking Cancellation Fee (BCF) is charged for any bookings cancelled, reduced, re-booked 4 working days before vessel cut off.

With effect from October 1, 2023, the Booking Cancellation Fee (BCF) in Region North Europe* will be charged to bookings cancelled within 7 calendar days prior to vessel cut off.

*Countries in the scope of Region North Europe include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, France, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Update on Storm Ciaran

Great Britain

  • Southhampton (SOU): disrupted operations from Novemeber 1 (9 pm CET) to 2nd (2 am CET), 2023, Pilot Stations closed since November 1, 2023 (7 pm CET) until further notice and may resume on November 3, tbc
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): disrupted operations from Novemeber 1 (6 pm CET) to 2nd (8 am CET), 2023 / Pilot Stations closed since November 2, 2023 early morning
  • Felixstowe (FLX): disrupted operations from Novemeber 1, 2023 afternoon until further notice / Pilot Station shared with LGP
    Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa


  • GMP: disrupted operations November 1 (10 pm CET) to 2nd (10 pm CET) 2023, tbc
    TNMSC: disrupted operations November 1 (10 pm CET) to 2nd (10 pm CET) 2023, tbc
    CNMP: disrupted operations November 1 (10 pm CET) to 3, 2023


  • Hamburg (CTA/CTB): Wind restriction on river Elbe for vessels larger then 360m+ in place since
    Novemeber 2, 2023 2 pm CET. Terminals with regular operations and no operational disruption expected
  • Wilhelmshaven (WVN): no operational disruption expected


  • ECT: disrupted operations November 1 (10 am CET) to 2nd (2 am CET) 2023, tbc
  • RWG: disrupted operations November 2 (10 am CET) to 3 (2 am CET) 2023, tbc. Maintenance related disruptions lasted from November 1, 2023, 6 am to 5 pm CET


  • AGW/PSA/MPET/ACOT: disrupted operations since Novemeber 2 (10 am CET) until further notice.
    Operations expected to continue on November 2, 2023 (10 pm CET), tbc

We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.


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