Sicherheitsinformationen Mexiko

Implemeted by  Mexican Customs Authorities on 30th April 2008, forwarders and ocean carriers have to transmit electronically cargo manifest details.

The transmission to their customs system “MX-SAT” have to be done not later than 24 hours prior loading in port of loading. Otherwise customs will impose fines.
The 24 Hour Rule applies for direct Mexico import cargo as well as for cargo which will be transhipped in a Mexican port.

Contrary to 24 Hour Rules of USA and Canada, Ocean Carriers are not allowed to transmit the so called “House Bill of Lading”. This can only be done by forwarders or NVOCC’s.

Hapag-Lloyd has successfully implemented the necessary system adjustments in order to arrange manifest transmission smoothly. However it is of utmost importance to receive from you the required shipping instructions by our documentation closing; which you can see on your booking confirmation and in our online schedule.Incorrect or missing data results in fines by Mexican Customs,too.

As guidance for the required details please refer to the document below.

Additional information of the regulation can be found on and

Surcharges (‚SMD’ oder ‚SMC’) have been published in our Online Tariff.

We hope having assisted you with this information. In case of further questions, please contact your nearest Hapag-Lloyd office.

For all DG shipments affected by the Mexican 24h security initiative (MX-SAT), structured shipping instructions with separated DG and non DG cargo description and weights are required.
Please find further information and examples in our customer letter:

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