Compliance Commitment

Hapag-Lloyd Commitments for Price Announcements on European Trades effective 07 December 2016

Hapag-Lloyd has agreed to commit to the following with regard to price announcements on European trades. These commitments became effective as of 07 December 2016.   

Compliance Commitment from the Executive Board

Compliance is one of Hapag-Lloyd’s top priorities, in addition to high quality standards, a proactive environmental policy and a focus on sustainability in management and operational processes. The Executive Board of Hapag-Lloyd AG has given its commitment to ethics and compliance with all applicable national and international rules and regulations, especially in relation to corruption, bribery, fraud and anti-competitive behaviors. These activities are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Any violations of applicable rules and regulations are strictly prohibited and might be subject to appropriate legal action.

Hapag-Lloyd has a Global Code of Ethics, which reflects our corporate culture and defines our core values as well as the expected standards of conduct by our employees. All Hapag-Lloyd employees are required to acknowledge their awareness and understanding of the included rules and to comply with the Code. To maintain an environment of integrity, respect and responsible business practices is fundamental to us.

To prevent breaches of our Global Code of Ethics, the Executive Board of Hapag-Lloyd has implemented a wide range of measures. These include e.g. an Internal Control System (ICS), a global Compliance Management System (CMS) and compliance trainings that are mandatory for all employees.

The Executive Board calls on all employees who become aware of any violations or suspicious behavior to report these immediately through the channel they are most comfortable with. This can be done through their supervisors, their Local or Regional Compliance Officers, the Chief Compliance Officer, the Global Compliance Team or through a Whistleblower System, which is completely confidential and allows for anonymous reporting. Unless involved in non-compliant actions, any employee who provides information about unlawful activities must not be disadvantaged as a result and is protected under our Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policy.

Hapag-Lloyd’s commitment to ethical and lawful business conduct is crucial to the company’s success and is also reflected in our company values: We care. We move. We deliver.

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Compliance contact

Should you have any questions or wish to get in touch regarding our compliance organisation or any other compliance matters, you can contact us as follows:

Global Compliance Office

  • +49 40 30019090

Global Compliance Office

For compliance related topics please send us an email.

For all transport and shipment-related matters, please contact your local service desk.

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