Diversity is our strength

Cultural and social diversity is natural and desirable for Hapag-Lloyd as a global company and it is only right that we support it. The topic of diversity is becoming increasingly important in personnel development and is deeply rooted in our corporate values. Diversity, as a focus topic, is an explicit part of our Human Resources strategy. People from more than 100 nations work in our global company. They contribute their different cultures, perspectives and ideas. This diversity shapes and enriches our corporate climate, which is characterised by respect, understanding and trust. It is important to us that everyone is able to develop in line with their strengths and to interact with each other in an unbiased manner. [read more on Diversity, equity and inclusion]

  • 115 different nationalities working for Hapag-Lloyd


Women in management positions

The targeted advancement of women to management positions is also one of Hapag-Lloyd’s aims. We meet the challenge of recruiting and inspiring women for management positions in particular in various ways. Our aim is to demonstrably increase the proportion of women in management positions in the first four levels of our shore-based personnel by 2030.

An internal working group has produced recommendations for further measures for the advancement of women and provided the impetus needed for their implementation. Measures include the Women Business Club, a networking programme for women at Hapag-Lloyd, and various training sessions (on the topic of self-marketing for women, for example). As an employer, we are facing up to the challenge of ensuring that the framework conditions needed to enable female employees to develop their career are in place. This includes, for example, facilitating part-time leadership roles. We use and create appropriate channels, such as networking events, to get suitable female employees interested in managerial positions.

Prospects for junior staff

To enable us to cover our requirements for qualified workers, particularly in the areas of shipping and logistics, IT and data analysis, we rely on our training programmes and combined vocational training and degree programmes. In principle, we are continuing to focus on formats such as online-based recruiting in order to expand our radius. In keeping with how we view ourselves, we offer apprenticeships and increase the number of apprenticeship places that are available with the intention of helping young people gain high-level qualifications, including at a general societal level, to address the shortage of highly skilled workers. Services designed to provide information on potential career paths such as trade fairs were part of our offering in the reporting year, along with internships and informational events for school pupils. [read more on career opportunities]

  • 231 apprentices on land and at sea in 2023

Training and staff development

Qualified and motivated employees offer our customers optimal service and good products. With regular advanced training, we enhance the expertise and skills of our employees as well as our overall quality – not least for responding to critical situations at sea. In 2023, Hapag-Lloyd invested around EUR 8.7 million in training and professional development. This finances an average of about 17 hours per employee for trainings and continuing education.

Instructors from the areas of HR management and development, senior executives and internal mentors nurture our employees’ talents as part of the three-year Talent Development Programme (TDP).

Another component of our talent development strategy is the Agile Leadership Programme at Hapag-Lloyd (ALPHA). This three-year development programme for senior executives working on land is designed with an international focus.

  • 17 hours per employee for trainings and continuing education
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