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Climate-Friendly Container Shipping - Ship Green

With our digital solution Ship Green, you can join us on the path towards climate neutral shipping. Ship Green enables you to switch to biofuel and avoid 25, 50 or 100% of emissions caused on the ocean leg of your shipment. 


Less water resistance 

When it comes to sustainability, our focus is on equipping and modernising our fleet. We are promoting and testing alternative propulsion systems in addition to using digital solutions to optimise our processes, capacity utilisation, routes and ship design. By removing the fouling from the outer hulls of vessels, we have been able to reduce the drag and thereby the fuel consumption of these ships.

  • 8% fuel savings by defouling 30 ships


Future-proof fuels 

Hapag-Lloyd is the first shipping company in the world to convert a large container ship to dual-fuel propulsion so that it can operate using liquefied natural gas (LNG). Efficient dual-fuel engines emit much less CO2. That is why we are having another 12 dual-fuel ships built, each with a capacity of 23,500+ TEU. They will go into service in 2023 and 2024 – and will further reduce the carbon footprint of our overall fleet.

  • 12 dual-fuel ships ordered for operation with LNG

Propulsion with biofuels

Since 2020, we have been testing the use of so-called biofuels. These are fuel mixtures made from biological input material, such as used cooking oil, and low-sulphur bunker oil. By using biofuels, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by more than 80% compared to when using conventional fuel (upstream greenhouse gas emissions taken into account). In 2022, 24 of our vessels ran on biofuels.

  • 24 vessels ran on biofuels in 2022

Global Collaboration

Collaboration is key! That is why we engage in active dialogue with our stakeholders.

Getting to Zero Coalition

Multi-stakeholder initiative for the development and use of climate-neutral ships by 2030.

EcoTransIT World

Methodology for determining and calculation of emissions in the global transport sector.

Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI)

Exchange of information on ship recycling in order to promote responsible practices.

Clean Cargo Initiative

A collaborative partnership between ocean container carriers, freight forwarders, and cargo owners that is focused on tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from container shipping.

Bimco Member

The Baltic and International Maritime Council is one of the largest of the international shipping associations representing shipowners. 

World Shipping Council

International shipping association working to shape the future growth of a sustainable, safe, and secure shipping industry.

Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation

Located in Singapore, GCMD was set up as a non-profit organisation to support decarbonisation of the maritime industry.

GloFouling Partnerships

Working group to further develop international Biofouling standards.

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center

The Center is a not-for-profit, independent research and development center looking to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future for the maritime industry. 

The Conference Board

European platform enabling senior executives to exchange expertise and experience in CSR management.

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