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The easy way to avoid emissions

Ship Green

Emission-Reduced Container Shipping That Takes No Effort

Climate change and clean shipping are a global challenge. By acting together, we can accomplish the mission to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

As Hapag-Lloyd, we are committed to making it easier for you to avoid emissions and actively contribute to sustainability.

Ship Green is the easiest way for you to make an impact! With the additional service you get the option to directly book an emission-reduced shipment online – tailored to your requirements.

Simply add Ship Green to your existing Hapag-Lloyd booking, reduce 25, 50, or 100% emissions of the ocean leg of each shipment, and join us in our efforts of making shipping climate neutral.

Find the Ship Green fees here.

Why Ship Green?

Proactive Emissions Avoidance

Proactively and directly reduce your CO2e footprint by adding biodiesel to your or your customer’s shipment. 

Easy to Book Online

Anytime, anywhere, and no long-term commitment. Easily avoid carbon emissions via the self-service in the Online Business Suite.  

Three Options to Choose from

Freedom to choose between three different options tailored to your requirements – avoiding 25, 50 or 100% emissions. 

Watch the video to get an idea of how to ship more sustainably with Ship Green!


Ship Green in Detail - This Is How It Works

We Empower Sustainability with Next-Generation Biofuels

With Ship Green you can actively avoid well-to-wake emissions by contributing to the switch to biofuel within our fleet. In line with the industry standard, we replace up to 30% of conventional marine fuel oil bunkered on a vessel with biofuel.

As Hapag-Lloyd, we source biofuel responsibly. All biofuel that is being used for Ship Green is sourced from certified supply chains and produced from waste- or residue-based feedstock, such as brown grease or used cooking oil. Thereby, we, guarantee that no edible virgin oils are included in the fuel.


ISCC provides certification systems for the supply chains of sustainable materials like biofuel. Through the ISCC proof of sustainability documentation, we ensure that the procured biofuels are compliant with the legal requirements regarding sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings set out in the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII).

Henrik Schilling, Managing Director Global Commercial Development

“We invite all of our customers to avoid emissions by proactively choosing their own contribution to climate-neutral shipping through our new service, Ship Green.”

We Enable Emissions Avoidance Everywhere

Climate change is a global phenomenon, and all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions contribute to global warming, no matter how they occur. Ship Green’s impact is based on the “Book and Claim” chain of custody. This means that, as Hapag-Lloyd, we burn biofuel within our fleet and book the resulting emissions avoidance into a “stockpile” of emissions avoidance. If you add Ship Green to your shipment, we allocate the required amount of emissions avoided from the “stockpile” to your shipment and you can claim the avoided emissions.

The resulting emissions avoidance is then allocated to individual shipments. Through precise accounting, Hapag-Lloyd ensures that no emission avoidance is double claimed. You can be sure that your Ship Green booking actually avoids emissions – anywhere on the planet, even in areas where alternative fuels are not physically available.



Change The Fuel: Just Add Ship Green to Your Booking

Ship Green is available for all confirmed bookings, whether you have placed them via the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite, EDI, iNTTRA, or any other channel. Each booking reduces the emissions footprint by 25, 50, or 100% of the ocean leg of each shipment.

This Is How it Works:  

  1. Place your booking with Hapag-Lloyd. 
  2. Choose one of the following options to purchase Ship Green. 
    1. Directly via Ship Green: Go to the Additional Services page in the Online Business Suite and click on Ship Green. Enter your booking number and purchase Ship Green for your individual booking or 
    2. Via the Navigator: Go to the Navigator in the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business Suite and select Ship Green for your confirmed shipment.  
  3. Choose your option to avoid either 25, 50 or 100% of the emissions caused. 


Ship Green Preview


We Facilitate Your Claim Of Reduced Emissions With A Ship Green Declaration 

Sustainability needs transparency. Therefore, you receive a quarterly Ship Green Declaration that states the emissions avoidance for your bookings.

Hapag-Lloyd ensures that it has burned the respective amount of biofuel necessary to execute the service and thus saves emissions directly within its fleet.

The emissions avoidance calculation is based on the renowned Clean Cargo Initiative Emissions Accounting Methodology. This method is the standard in the liner shipping industry and is widely applied by carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers.

The implementation of the process behind the Ship Green Declaration has been verified by an independent verifier in 2023.


Our Sustainability Strategy: Making a Difference in the Future of Shipping

We’ve made it our mission to lead the shipping industry on the path to sustainability.

Hapag-Lloyd’s fleet will be converted to carbon-neutral operation by 2045. Before we get there, we have the interim target of reducing the CO2e intensity of our entire fleet by 30% (compared to 2019) and by 60% for our own fleet (compared to 2008) by 2030.   

This is embedded in our overall sustainability strategy.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy here in the sustainability section on our website.

With Ship Green, you join us on the path towards climate neutral shipping. Together we can make sustainability a reality. 

How to Use Ship Green

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial that guides you through the entire process of adding Ship Green to your booking.


Selected Customers Who Already Ship Green

Frequently Asked Questions

Ship Green Basics

To offer climate-friendly container transport services, Hapag-Lloyd started using biodiesel that produces less well-to-wake greenhouse gases from the fuel production to the end use by a ship. With Ship Green, customers can now directly book a climate-friendly shipment online.

To offset their greenhouse gas emissions , many companies buy CO2 certificates from climate protection projects. This does not change the emissions that they themselves or their industry create – at least not directly. Through Ship Green’s “Book and Claim” approach our customers can change the used fuel to avoid emissions for the ocean leg - directly, immediately and up to 100%.

Ship Green is available for standard containers (22/42/45GP), hardtop containers (22/42/45UP), tanks (22/20TD, 22/20TN, 22/20KL, 22/20TG), and reefer containers (22/45RT). It is not available for special container types.

Climate change is a global phenomenon, and all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions contribute to global warming, regardless of where they occur.
Hapag-Lloyd can only avoid shipping emissions effectively on routes where alternative fuels and ships capable of using them are available. To make it possible to avoid shipping emissions anywhere, Hapag-Lloyd has chosen the “Book and Claim” approach.
“Book and Claim” means that Hapag-Lloyd attributes the emissions avoidance to all its ocean leg services regardless of the vessel and route used. With this approach, Hapag-Lloyd guarantees that emissions in its fleet are avoided without limiting the availability of Ship Green to customers, e.g., through the local availability of alternative fuels.

Ship Green is available for all ocean legs.


Purchasing Ship Green

You can directly add Ship Green to your shipment during the quotation or booking stage in Quick Quotes and Quick Quotes Spot. Alternatively, you can add it to a confirmed booking via the Navigator or the Additional Services Page before the shipment departs from its first port of loading. Please note that once Ship Green is purchased, changes or cancellations are not possible.

During the purchase of Ship Green you can choose between three different options. Choosing the one that fits best to your requirements, you can avoid either 25, 50 or 100% of the emissions created.

Once Ship Green is added to a shipment, the addition of Ship Green cannot be cancelled or changed.

If additional containers are added to an existing climate-friendly booking, the chosen Ship Green Product will be applied respectively. If containers are cancelled, the rest of the shipment will still keep the Ship Green status. Changes in port of loading, destination or similar won’t affect the Ship Green status.

Making a direct impact and immediately avoid emission requires a fuel switch which causes additional costs. Depending on your targets, you can choose between three different models and avoid 25, 50 or 100% of your emissions. The additional costs for biodiesel and the resulting emission avoidance are financed from this.


Declaration and Emissions Avoidance

The Ship Green Declaration shows the emissions avoided by the customer and the corresponding amount of biofuel used. The whole process and the method behind the Ship Green Declaration has been certified by an independent verifier in 2022.

The emissions avoidance calculation is based on the renowned Clean Cargo Initiative Emission Accounting Methodology. This method is the standard in the liner shipping industry and is widely applied by carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers.

There are several greenhouse gases besides CO2 such as methane and nitrous oxide. CO2e (CO2 equivalent) is the standard unit of measurement used to account for all greenhouse gas emissions.


Alternative Fuels

Hapag-Lloyd primarily uses biodiesel on selected vessels to reduce its well-to-wake emissions footprint. On the vessel Brussels Express and the other 12 upcoming vessels, Hapag-Lloyd also uses liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Ship Green is currently purely based on biodiesel.
For the future, Hapag-Lloyd is looking into using biomethane and hydrogen-based fuels such as green methanol and ammonia.

Only biodiesel/ FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) produced from waste and residues is sourced. The fuel is compliant with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

Hapag-Lloyd sources its biodiesel responsibly. This means that the biodiesel used is sourced from certified supply chains and produced from waste/residue-based material, such as brown grease or used cooking oil; guaranteeing that no edible virgin oils are included in the fuel.

From a life-cycle perspective, unlike plant-based biofuels, using waste/residue-based materials means no energy is needed to extract or cultivate the raw materials. On top of that, using these fuels reduces the environmental burden of treating waste/residue, which occurs anyway and has to be disposed of by law.


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