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BL Draft Approval

With our BL Draft Approval web solution, you can now easily review, edit, and approve your bills of lading or sea waybills in an instant.
Our tool provides you with an efficient and time-saving approval process for your BL Drafts.

Get notified via email with a link to your BL Drafts or directly log in via a web browser to benefit from the ease of use of our BL Draft Approval web solution.

If you want to request a correction, you no longer need to print, scan, or email your changes. Just click on the submit button, and we will send you a new BL Draft for your review and approval shortly.
Once the vessel has sailed, we will take care of releasing the bill of lading or sea waybill.

Reviewing and approving your BL Drafts has never been easier and faster.

Your Benefits

Ease of Use

BL Draft Approval offers you an intuitive way to review and correct your drafts in just a few clicks. 

Time-Saving Process

Benefit from instant review and quick draft correction directly online.

High Data Quality

Amending the BL Draft directly in the document ensures the highest degree of accuracy.

This Is Our BL Draft Approval Web Solution

Latest Update

You can now benefit from our latest redesign with its even more efficient structure, providing you with a smarter approach to your work

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About BL Draft Approval

Korkut Nadir, Deputy General Manager at Kinay Transport & Logistics S.A., Turkey

“Our experience with the BL Draft Approval web solution has been very positive. When it was first launched, we were rather skeptical. Our main concern was that it would slow down our business processes, thus affecting our team’s productivity. However, these worries proved needless.”

Read the full interview here.


How to use BL Draft Approval web solution

  1. Click on the link in your notification e-mail that leads you straight to your BL draft on the Hapag-Lloyd webpage or directly log into the BL Draft Approval web solution.

  2. If your BL Draft is correct, you can approve it with just one click. If you need to request a correction, just edit and submit it back to us. You will receive a new BL Draft shortly.

We will take care of releasing the Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill once the vessel has sailed. 


Get started with BL Draft Approval

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on using BL Draft Approval in the easiest possible way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Both document types, original bills of lading (OBL) and non-negotiable sea waybills (SWB), can be handled through the BL Draft Approval product.

You can access your drafts in two different ways:

  1. Through the link in the notification e-mail received from Hapag-Lloyd.
  2. Via our webpage.

Different security settings are applied to a user login based on the responsibilities they control as parties to a shipment, service contract, and/or bill of lading. The documents you see in the Hapag-Lloyd BL Draft Approval solution are based on these settings..

At the end of every transaction, be it an approval or sending a draft correction, you can download a PDF receipt which you can save, print, or send to yourself via email.

There are several different document status a draft can be in
1. Open for review = new draft
2. Correction sent = a draft correction has been submitted to Hapag-Lloyd, awaiting a new draft
3. Released = the vessel has already sailed and the document has been released
4. Approval sent = your approval has been submitted and will be processes momentarily
5. Approved = this document has been approved

When you or someone else submits a new draft correction, the approval is reset and the status switches back to “Correction sent.”


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