Manage Your Shipping Instructions Online

With our Shipping Instructions online solution eaSI (electronic advanced shipping instructions), you can manage your BL instructions, drafts, and templates online. Submit your shipping instructions via PDF document, download online shipping instructions that are prefilled with your booking data, and easily edit your documents if needed.


As a registered Online Business customer, you can directly download eaSI forms from the Hapag-Lloyd website (eaSI online). Alternatively, you can register to automatically receive the eaSI forms via email (eaSI mail).

Your Benefits


Manage your BL instructions, drafts, and templates online and directly download your prefilled PDF files.


High Data Quality

Simply create templates of completed BLs with high data accuracy.


Send your shipping instructions online or via email whenever it is needed.

Key Features

  • A list of bookings for which a status of documentation creation of the sea waybill  or bill of lading has already been reached.
  • The possibility to search for a specific booking.
  • The possibility to download, complete, and submit shipping instructions for your bookings.
  • The possibility to access the shipping instruction details screen as well as to the shipment details screen,
Documents submitted through eaSI are processed in the same way as a bilateral EDI message.

eaSI Mail

Simply submit your shipping instructions electronically using PDF documents, which are prefilled with your booking data and will be sent to you via email for editing. For further information, simply have a look at the User Guide for Shipping Instructions or download the file below.

eaSI Templates

The eaSI Templates service provides you with a list of templates that you or a member of your organization have created and saved. A shipping-instructions template is particularly useful if you often have frequent shipments with repetitive data. Accordingly, you can save a specific template to use it again for subsequent BL instructions.

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