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Verified Gross Mass – Submit VGM Data Online

To make your life easier, you can submit your VGM data easily online. For this, you can either choose the Hapag-Lloyd VGM solution or you can use the VGM Excel Template.

As of July 1, 2016, the SOLAS regulation, effective as a global law, prohibits the loading of a packed container in absence of the VGM. This applies to all packed containers that are to be loaded onto a vessel under the SOLAS regulation in international maritime transport. Find out more about how the regulations affect you as a shipper or as a terminal.

VGM Solution

With our VGM solution, you can easily submit your VGM data online to Hapag-Lloyd. Our online solution supports transmitting VGM data for up to five containers at a time. When the mandatory details are entered (booking number, container number, verified weight, weight unit, verification signature, and the shipping company), you can submit them using the “Save” button.

Your Benefits

A pre-validation check is available via the "Validate Containers" function.

Easily display tare details from our system if you do not have them at hand.

Secured data view for your organization.  

Key Features

  • Submit VGM data for up to five containers at a time.
  • Overview of shipments with outstanding VGM data.
  • Overview of recent VGM submissions.
  • Easily switch between mandatory and optional fields to provide further details.

VGM Excel Template

Hapag-Lloyd’s VGM Excel Template is an easy solution to submit VGM information via email. It is especially suitable when sending VGM information for recurring business cases.

Download VGM Excel Template

Key Features

  • Easy one-time registration to use VGM Excel Template. 
  • No log-in required to submit VGM information via email. 
  • Prevent the most common errors through validation checks. 
  • Dispatch of acknowledgment emails. 
  • Status overview and monitoring via VGM web solution.
  • VGM submission for an unlimited number of containers.

How to use VGM Excel Template

As a security measure, we will only accept VGM Excel files from email addresses registered with our online business. 
Therefore, in order to use the VGM Excel template, please register with our Online Business. When returning filled-in VGM Excel files, please only use the registered email address.

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the VGM Excel Template can be found in the User Guide for VGM, which can be downloaded below.

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