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Detention and Demurrage Calculator

With the Detention & Demurrage Calculator (short: D&D Calculator), you can quickly and easily receive information on your detention and demurrage free time and fees. Simply insert your booking number, choose the containers you want to receive the information for, and get an email within a few minutes.

We are continuously working on improving the calculator. So far, it only includes information for merged detention and demurrage for import. Future versions of the solution will also include separate detention and demurrage scenarios.

Your Benefits

Accurate Information

Receive accurate information on detention and demurrage tailored to each specific case.​ 

Fast Response

Get your individual information in less than five minutes.  ​ 

Continuous Availability

Enjoy fast access of your information without having to contact customer service. Your data is available 24/7 and just a few clicks away.  ​ 

How to get your Detention & Demurrage fees and free time information 

There’s no need to contact customer service if you want to know about your Detention and Demurrage costs and free time.

The new interface is easy-to-use and quickly provides you with your desired information.

Simply enter your booking number, select the containers and the date you want to calculate costs and free time for and get an email with your data within a few minutes.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who is part of the shipment and is registered with Hapag Lloyd.​

As many times as you need.​

Free days and selection of a specific date (after the estimated arrival in destination).​

Currently the application is available only in countries where detention and demurrage is combined.​

Just a few minutes, around two to five minutes.​  

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