User Guide: Rate of Exchange

This feature permits online access to general Rate of Exchange information as early as 7 days prior to vessel departure or arrival, based on our new Global Rate of Exchange rule,  which is in effect since April 1st 2010 .

Important Note: The same RoE rule applies for both Hapag-Lloyd Website and the shipment. If vessel, voyage and port details selected on the Web application match your consignment details, the RoE information shown on the result-screen should be identical with your RoE stated on the Hapag-Lloyd invoice.

Screen area: First Port of Loading or last Port of Discharge

Please remember to always include first port of loading respectively last port of discharge in your search to ensure correct display of data. This is particularly important for transhipment business.

Screen area: Specify the Currencies

For adequate results, please ensure tariff currency is selected as applicable in the required trade, and invoice currency reflects the typical standard in which you receive Hapag-Lloyd freight invoices.

Screen area: Search by Vessel or Voyage

Your search can be narrowed down by inserting either vessel name or voyage number. Import - and Export voyages can be distinguished by verifying the schedule voyage number.

Screen area: List of Rates of Exchange for the Port

Import - and Export voyages can be distinguished by verifying the schedule voyage number.

At the result list you find all vessels that call at your selected port within the given time period. In detail you can view the Vessel names, Service, expected departure and arrival dates, voyage number, selected currencies, the rate of exchange and its applicability date (RoE Date = Date for the Rate of Exchange) for the desired port and vessel call.

Important Note: 

As the rate of exchange relates to the voyage number, please make sure to view the correct voyage number from the list.

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