User Guide: Inland Rates

This Online Business service provides you a list of inland rates of Hapag-Lloyd according to your search criteria. These prices are listed under certain criteria like container type and mode of transport.

Screen area: Search criteria

You can search for rates by entering several combinations of search criteria:

Entry field: Base Date

The ‘Base Date’ is a mandatory entry.

Checkbox: Precarriage / Oncarriage

This selection is mandatory.

Screen area: List of Inland rates


Here you find the result table of the inland rates. It contains:

Columns: From / To

Shows you the precise start and end point of the route.

Column: Type

Shows you the container types.

Column: Valid for

Validity for type of goods.

This could be:

  • Dangerous goods (DG)
  • Non dangerous goods
  • both: dangerous or non dangerous goods

Column: Lower Weight / Upper Weight

Special information concerning lower and upper weight of the shipped cargo.

Column: Effective Date

Valid effective date.

Column: Publishing Date

Publishing date of the tariff.

Hint: Please also consult the Inland rules for regulations like free time or additionals like fuel, special equipment or special services.

Button: Rules

To view the rules and regulations for a specific inland rate, such as free time or additionals like fuel, special equipment or special services, just select the respective row and click the button 'Rules'.  You will be led to our Online Business service 'Rules and Regulations'.

Screen area: Inland Location

To view your rates you need to enter at least the inland location.

Screen area: Sea Port

If you leave this section empty you need to select a tariff at the section ‘Additional filters’.

Screen area: Additional filters

You need to select a tariff from the drop down list when you left the entry fields of the ‘Sea Port’ – section empty.

When you enter ‘Inland location’ and ‘Sea Port’ the selection of  ‘Tariff’ is an additional optional filter that can be left empty.

For rates whose validity dates back in the past a hyperlink will be displayed to our external service provider Descartes.

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