User Guide: My Quotations

All of your requested quotations are maintained in the “My Quotations” section. For a specific quote search please use the filters to specify. 

The basic information of your quotation like the Quotation number, Start (From) and End Location (To), the
Commodity, the Container Type, the Lump Sum (Seafreight), the Issuer (last changed by), the rate Valid From and rate Valid To dates are included in the listing.

You may then select a quotation to download the PDF file to your computer or use the quotation to place a
booking using the Hapag-Lloyd Web Booking.

Screen area: Filter Options

You can filter your web quotations via the following search criteria:

Start Location
Where your quotation starts, this can be an inland location or the first port.
End Location
Where your quotation ends, this can be an inland location or the last port.
Quotation No.
This is the unique reference which can be used for bookings
Valid at
This field lets you filter the list via the validity period. Please note that you can only go back 90 days.

Screen area: Quotation List

Once the filter has been applied, only the quotations that match your search criteria will be listed. Select a quotation and click Download to download the quotation PDF file to your computer. Use the Book button to place a booking via our Web Booking or use the online schedule functionality via Schedule to search for sailings that fit to your transport schedule pattern.


Quotation No.
The number of your quotation, which can be used for bookings.
Start and first via locations of your quotation.
Second via location and end location of your quotation.
Ctr. Type
Container Groups which are contained within the quotation.
Lump Sum / Seafreight
The lump sum / seafreight for each container type.
Changed By
Who changed the quotation last, will display Hapag-Lloyd if your quotation has been altered by us.
Valid From
The first day, on which the quotation is valid.
Valid To
The day the quotation expires.


Send as E-Mail
Receive a new copy of the quotation document, including all charges and surcharges, via email. It will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with.
Check our next sailings for the routing of the selected quotation.
Directly use the quotation within our Web Booking solution. 

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