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Special Cargo Quotes – Get Customized Quotes

With the web form for special cargo, you can easily request your quote for out-of-gauge and breakbulk cargo online with Hapag-Lloyd. By using this easy-to-fill-in web form, you provide us with all the necessary information and thus receive your customized quote from our expert team in a short time. This will speed up your quotation process and improve your turnaround time significantly.

The Special Cargo Quotes online solution is available globally.

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Easy Usability

Make use of the clear and easy-to-fill-in web form for your special cargo request.

Fast Request

Benefit from an improved turnaround time of your customized quotation.

Efficient Process​

Less feedback loops needed and access to the web form from anywhere and anytime.

This Is Our Special Cargo Quotes Web Solution

Screenshot of the Special Cargo Quotes online tool

For more information about Hapag-Lloyd's special cargo solutions, visit the special cargo section on our website.

How to Use Special Cargo Quotes Web Solution

  1. Click on "Get quote".
  2. Enter your individual log-in credentials (same as Online Business) and you will be led directly to the web form to request your special cargo quote.​
  3. Fill in the web form with the required information and click “Submit.” 
  4. You will immediately receive your confirmation email. 
  5. You will soon receive a customized quote for your special cargo from our expert team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Special Cargo Quotes for requesting a rate offer for out-of-gauge and breakbulk cargo.

Your request will be channeled to our special cargo sales experts in your location. They will handle your request, provide you with a quotation, and will also be your contact point moving forward.

With Special Cargo Quotes, your request is automatically channeled to our experts, ensuring that you will enjoy a faster turnaround time for receiving your quote, as we know that time is of essence for you.

We encourage you to add the details around the standard boxes in the comments section of the request form and our special cargo experts will ensure that you get one quotation for everything.

We recommend that pictures or drawings of breakbulk pieces are attached to the request, also showing the lifting points that are often decisive. For out-of-gauge cargo, it is not as necessary.


Wooden packing which is build entirely around the cargo.

On Cradle

Structure where cargo e.g. yachts are resting on. 

On Wheels

Any type of vehicle that can move on wheels.


Steel structure that can carry e.g. conveyor belts or cables.


Cargo items will be packed on a moveable platform and can then be pushed inside the container.


A slatted wooden case used for transporting goods.

On Tracks

Vehicles/Machines like excavators moving on tracks.


Wooden platform for smaller cargo items.


A cheap version of pallets.


Cargo which is resting as it is without any frame.

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