Reefer Cargo Handling

Reefer cargo isn’t just any commodity stuffed into a container. If you’re using a reefer, it means that your goods are probably perishable, extremely sensitive, or possibly have a higher value than most other commodities. That’s why we stress the importance of special cargo handling for reefers.

Hapag-Lloyd container depots ensure that reefer boxes are clean and in sound condition upon release for a new transport.

In the interest of exercising best cargo care, we appreciate observation of the following recommendations:

Prior to stuffing

  • Ensure only clean reefer container is accepted from depot
  • Observe the use of adequate packaging material
  • Keep in mind plastic wrapping may act as vapor barrier and prevent air circulation around the product
  • Ensure your product temperature reflects transport temperature before stuffing commences
  • Your reefer cargo should preferably be sourced from a refrigerated loading bay

Stuffing of reefer containers

  • Switch off the power unit during loading operation to avoid ambient air exchange 
  • Ensure product is evenly stuffed in correct manner to avoid obstructions that can result in hot spots 
  • Do not stack boxes above load line; spacers will help to stabilize cargo and ensure optimal airflow 
  • Avoid poor air circulation which is amongst primary causes of product deterioration 
  • Any free floor area and gaps may not exceed 5% of floor area to avoid negative impact on airflow 
  • Use board or dunnage material to avoid gaps and open floor areas 
  • Do not load cargo beyond surface provided by  "T-Bar" flooring inside the container 
  • To ensure free airflow, no space between cargo units permitted in front of unit air distribution point 
  • Adequate refrigeration relies on good air circulation around your entire load

Completing loading operation

  • Close doors properly 
  • Ensure correct set point for carrying temperature, humidity and setting of air ventilation 
  • Start up reefer power unit


Container airflow

*Open floor area covered with cardboard.

Container Packing

In this brochure you will find information in order to protect your cargo as best as possible.

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Reefer Cargo Handling Guideline

In this brochure you will find the guideline for the special handling of our Reefers.

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