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Application Programming Interface (API) 

What is it? 

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is like a translator between different software applications. It helps them talk to each other and share information. It's similar to how people use a common language to communicate and understand each other. 

Imagine you have two apps on your phone. One app needs some specific information or wants to use a feature from the other app. The API is like a special code that allows them to connect and exchange data. It defines how they should talk to each other, what kind of information they can share, and how they should ask for things.

APIs can also be compared to a menu in a restaurant. The menu lists all the dishes available, along with descriptions and prices. Similarly, an API provides a menu of options that developers can use to interact with a particular software system. It tells them what functions they can use, what kind of data they can get, and how to ask for it. 

Overall, APIs make it possible for different apps or software systems to work together smoothly, just like translators or menus help people communicate and understand each other in different situations. 


Want to know more about our API products? 

The Hapag-Lloyd Developer Portal provides you with comprehensive API documentation in one place, enabling you to integrate easily and by yourself. Get practical guidance through code examples and tutorials to accelerate integration. Safely test your integrations in a sandbox environment before going live. 

Explore our Product Catalogues 

Hapag-Lloyd API Product Catalogues

Beyond the APIs offered publicly for everyone, Hapag-Lloyd connects via APIs to dedicated partners.

We are working on providing more detailed information in an API Catalogue for Partners and appreciate your patience as we work towards providing the best quality products.

We will also keep you informed about our future plans for Public Accessibility

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Partners who already unlock the real-time information's potential 

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  • GPM from Descartes System Group
  • iNTTRA by E2Open 
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