Regional Updates in Europe

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

+++ last updated on February 3, 2023 +++


  • France - ongoing strikes. Gate in and gate out operations are limited. Terminal restrictions in place with short window to gate in containers. Expected truck-appointment shortage that might lead to extra costs, including temporarty storage outside the port. Rail and barge are recommended to transport containers to and from sea terminals.

Terminal situation

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA: Yard utilization at 869 and 913 are stable. Reefer stacks at 869 are normal, and 913 increased occupancy. Empty storage on good levels at both terminals. Dense fog over the last weekend led to operational interruptions and pilot station closure, but the terminal worked through the backlog. Ongoing civil works at 869 temporarily influencing the stack capacity.
  • AGW: Yard remained a low operational level. Reefer plug capacity is at good level. Empty storage at low level. Gaps at berth line-up. 
  • All ANR terminals still have export delivery restrictions in place. Export cargo delivery gates will be opened only 7 days prior vessel ETA.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Europe Container Terminals (ECT): Yard steady on a good operational level. Reefer plug capacity ok. Berth line-up with less vessels alongside. The terminal is able to advance vessel departures. Import dwell times increased. 
  • Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): Yard level at high utilization. Import dwell times are raising. Sufficient gangs can be deployed. Reefer plug utilization ok. Cargo opening times for export cargo at RWG 8 days before vessel ETA.

United Kingdom

  • Southampton Port (SOU): Port working on backlog. Labour availability on a sufficient level. Yard at good operational level. SOU cargo opening time for the acceptance of export cargo is 10 days in advance of vessels ETA. Port congestions are noticeable. 
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): Yard at low level. Reefer stacks well manageable. Full labour deployment. This week’s line-up is showing some gaps.

Hamburg, Germany 

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): Yard at good operational level. Terminal has recovered completely and is performing again. Berth line-up with gaps due to less vessels.
  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB): Yard utilization relaxed compared to previous week due to ongoing yard works temporary reducing the overall capacity with no impact on the operations. High empty container levels. Berth line- up with several gaps. Terminal at good productivity.
  • From November 28, 2022, delivery of cargo is again possible irrespective of mode of transport or vessel ETA.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • CNMP/GMP/TNMSC: Terminals in Le Havre remains affected by SOU accumulating delays as this is the next port in rotation. Yard is back to normal operational level. Good terminal productivity. 


  • No updates for this week

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa 

  • Koper, Slovenia
    No updates
  • Egypt
    Port delay or congestion in main Terminals: (Damietta, Alexandria, and Sokhna)
  • Greece
    no updates

Spain / Portugal

  • There is a strike expected in Lisbon, Portugal until February 5, 2023. In addition, strikes are also expected to occur on January 30, 2023.

Transport situation

North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • Available transport capacity.
  • Empty equipment availability ok.

Germany & Central Europe

  • Depot utilization is relaxing with peaks in Ulm, Regensburg and Leipzig Area
  • Available transport capacity


  • Congestion is improving but cargo opening times are still in place
  • No transport capacity issues for all modes of transport
  • Strike in Ottmarsheim affecting trains to Antwerp/Rotterdam


  • Open barge, truck and rail capacity
  • Barge capacity is ok
  • Strike planned on February 7 and 8, 2023

United Kingdom/Ireland

  • Open truck capacitiy
  • Rail strike on February 3, 2023


  • No updates

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa

  • No updates

Ukraine/Russia updates:

  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.


Customer Service

Bookings are received and processed regularly. Reach out to your local customer service representative here.

You can do all your transactions digitally; everything is just one click away! Easy. Online. Everywhere.

  • We kindly ask you to review the possibility of covering your shipments by Sea-Waybill instead of Original Bills of Lading, if legally and commercially acceptable.
  • For the surrender of Original Bills of Lading prior to container release at destination, please contact your local office for detailed guidance, they are happy to assist you. Please also consider electronic payment channels to avoid physical contact needs.
  • You can do all your transactions digitally – from placing a booking to sending a shipping instruction. Everything is just one click away!
  • To monitor your shipments, go ahead and use the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, our new one-screen dashboard with real-time view on all your shipments. Alternatively, visit the Online Business section at our Hapag-Lloyd website for vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules information.
  • Even though your sales counterpart will not be able to visit you in person, we will continue to stay close to you via phone and where possible even via video chat.
  • Our teams are fully operational with staff working remotely through laptops and headsets. To make life easier for our employees, we encourage you to send emails instead of phone calls whenever you can.
  • Counters continue to be operational - where allowed by the local government.
  • Check out our Mobile App, that allows you to perform essential tasks from your phone: Quick Quotes, Schedules, Bookings, Track & Trace and many more!
  • Get instant info and updates by subscribing to our CustomerNEWS.

Vessel updates and port changes per service

Indian Ocean Service 3 (IO3)

  • The IO3 service will call Karachi, PK instead of Port Qasim, PK starting with the below vessel /voyage:
Vessel Name WB voyage number EB voyage number Port Arrival
Karachi, Pakistan
February 5, 2023

South Africa Express (SAF also known as SAX)

  • As a result of delays in the South African coast the new ETA of MV Santa Teresa V. 230S in Rotterdam will be January 25, 2023.
  • She will be followed by the Mehuin V. 230S with a revised ETA in Rotterdam on January 31, 2023.
  • All vessels thereafter slide one week.
Vessel Estimated Time of Arrival First Loading Port Corresponding Week
NO VESSEL December, 13 SHIMIZU, JP 50
NYK VESTA 076W December, 20 SHIMIZU, JP 51
ONE HAMBURG 073W December, 27 SHIMIZU, JP 52
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