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Get instant quotations and price information with our Quotation online solution. It allows you to quickly check prices and get a quotation number which you can use for booking a transport later on.

Welcome to Quick Quotes

You can find a list and map of all available trade lanes. You are able to request quotes for all available relations and cross/trades. You will start in the tab Quick Quotes where you can get an instant quote or got to the My Quotations tab to review your past quotations.

Área de pantalla: Opciones de Rutas

While you key in your start location into the respective field, a drop down menu will provide you with location proposals. To select the desired location simply click on the location proposal. Use the same functionality to select the desired end location for your rate request and complete the routing.

Selecting a custom POL and/or POD is possible for Inland Start and End locations. For more information please review the section Advanced Routing Selection in the Quick Quotes User Guide.

Área de pantalla: Transporte

Select the desired haulage type by clicking the respective type. Quick Quotes can offer port terminal, inland ramps or door delivery. Please note haulage type Terminal/Ramp (Inland CY / ICD) or Door might not be available on a global scale but the Quick Quotes application will guide you accordingly.

Screen area: Equipment

Select the desired equipment type. Quick Quotes offers rates for standard dry and reefer and Open Top in gauge containers. Some lanes or commodities may not support all container types, in this case your quotation will be adjusted according to the availability.

Screen Area: Commodities & Request Quote

As a base service Quick Quotes offers FAK (freight all kind) rates for your requested routing and haulage.

For select trades, Quick Quotes also offers rates for common commodities applicable in those trades.

If you would like to request FAK rates please click Request FAK. To check if for your desired routing offers commodity rates please click Check Commodities.

If you request FAK rates and commodity rates are available Quick Quote will alert you and you may adjust your choice.

Commodities – Select FAK

If you select Get FAK, Quick Quotes will create an FAK quote right away. In case commodity rates are available, Quick Quotes will give you an indication remind you to check the commodities as well.

If you need to select a different commodity you may request a commodity quote by clicking Request Quotation.

To reset your selection and request a new quotation please click Clear.

The FAK definition is available here.

Commodities – Select Commodities

If you select Check Commodities Quick Quotes will ask you to select the appropriate commodity and '…' appears in the commodity list. Clicking the dropdown arrow will open a drop down menu listing all available commodities for your desired routing.

Please select the commodity that fits to your cargo and click Request Quotation.

If your commodity is not listed please select FAK and then click Request Quotation.

Please note that if you have requested a specific commodity quotation this rate is only applicable to this specific commodity and must not be used for any shipment with any other commodity.

Área de pantalla: Mostrar Cotización

Once you have selected your routing, haulage, equipment type and commodity your quotation will be displayed for the respective containers depending on your equipment choice.

The quotation screen is divided into Freight Charges, Export Surcharges, Freight Surcharges and Import Surcharges. All applicable charges and currencies are listed.

The included charges as well as the subject to charges are mentioned at the bottom of the offer.

The detail stripe on the right provides the quotation number, the quotation and rate validity, the commodity, the routing and the estimated transit time.

Important information about the Terms and Conditions, FAK Definition, possible applicable Local Charges and the Detention & Demurrage tariff can easily be accessed via a link.

We also offer a contact person and contact details if you require any personal support

Quotation Rate Validity & Subsequent Offer

Quick Quotes will always try to provide a rate and a quote validity as long as possible.

In case there is a rate change within the total rate coverage, Quick Quotes will generate more than one tab. You will see tabs named 'Offer' and 'Subsequent Offer'. Each offer has a unique quotation number and all together will cover the total
possible validity.

Please note in some volatile markets the rate validity may only cover a short period. Quotation and rate validity may vary and may not be the same.

Quote Expiration defines until when our Quote is a binding offer. Please accept the quotation or place your first booking until this date.

Send as Email, Schedule, Book

Each issued quotation is kept and can be reviewed in the “My Quotations” section but can also be sent to your registered email address or any other address by using the Send (as email) function. You may also select various languages for the email version.

Use Schedule or Book to look up a sailing or place a booking respectively. Your quotation information is kept for easy reference.

Advanced Routing Selection

If you require a quotation for a specific Port of Loading (POL) or Port of Discharge (POD) you may switch to the advanced routing selection while reviewing your initial quotation with our recommended routing.

Upon selecting Advanced Routing, you may request an additional quotation that will include your custom POL and/or POD.

Please note that only Inland Start and End Locations will offer the possibility for a specific POL and POD selection.

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