Diversity, equity and inclusion

Rooted in Hamburg but active across the world: Hapag-Lloyd employs more than 14,000 people in 135 countries – with different realities of one individual's life. We are convinced that this recognition shapes diversity in a special way. It is one of the cornerstones of our identity as a global company.

Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd

“Only with a diverse team will we have all the perspectives on board to be successful – today and tomorrow. That’s why we foster a culture at Hapag-Lloyd in which everyone feels welcome, included and empowered.”

Messages from our colleagues

Inclusion starts with I – and we start with us

As an internationally operating shipping company, we have the opportunity – but also the responsibility – to dispel prejudices across cultures and borders. We use our influence to support people who are at an unfair disadvantage.

Stories from our employees

We are Hapag-Lloyd

Though we are a single company, we value our differences. We believe that understanding people and their backgrounds is crucial to our growth as individuals and a community. We would like to introduce you to some individuals who might be different at first glance – but from whom we can learn a lot about appreciating diversity and accepting each other.

14,000+ employees work for Hapag-Lloyd in 135 countries. Across all cultural differences, we work together towards the same goal. Our colleagues contribute their different cultures – and therefore different perspectives and ideas – to the company.

We assess our employees and applicants based on their qualifications, social skills, and willingness and ability to perform. Age is not a factor. We also view having people of varying ages as something that enriches our company. We expect and encourage employees at all levels and of all ages to communicate with each other as equals.

In keeping with our corporate value “We Care”, there is no place for discrimination at our company. We promote and develop our employees regardless of gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical and psychological capabilities, ethnical, national or socio-economic background. In doing so, we take our guidance from the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) and the German Diversity Charter.

Hapag-Lloyd offers a wide range of possibilities to help its employees to balance their professional and personal life. With our hybrid working model, we give our employees the flexibility to work remotely. And thanks to our various part-time working models, they can strike a better balance between family, career and other things close to their heart.

We integrate employees with disabilities into our operational processes and the social environment in the company. This also means that we reduce barriers to social participation and the performance of job-related activities. We individually address the particular needs of physically or mentally disabled people and look for solutions together.

To foster equal career opportunities for all genders, we have the Women@Hapag-Lloyd network and various personalised training offers in place. Our LGBTQIA+ community is active in the Pride@Hapag-Lloyd network. To make the diversity in our company more visible and understandable, we have launched numerous interview series. All topics related to diversity are supported by the Diversity@Hapag-Lloyd project team.

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