Corporate Citizenship

At the local, regional and global levels: We are stronger together. Hapag-Lloyd and its employees support numerous organisations and projects worldwide, particularly those with links to seafaring. Employees are given one day per year to volunteer for social projects or environmental campaigns of their choice. We focus on education, humanitarian assistance, and climate and marine protection. In keeping with our guiding principle "Hapag-Lloyd cares", we are eager to put our knowledge, energy and financial resources to work for good causes. And we prefer to help as part of close and long-lasting collaborations.

Here are three examples:

"Schools for Africa"-Partnership with UNICEF 

In a partnership with UNICEF, we have been supporting the “Schools for Africa” programme since autumn 2021. It supports the academic development of children and young people in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa from their earliest school years in order to give them better opportunities for the future. This is one of the reasons why digital proficiency and soft skills are also promoted.


4Life Solutions

Hapag-Lloyd employees collected donations for the impact company 4Life Solutions in 2023. Additionally, we provide further support through the Sustainability Department. For example, we set up a cooperative partnership with this start-up company, initially for three years, in October 2023. As part of this partnership, we make donations every year to support different projects to provide access to safe, clean drinking water in low-income countries. In 2023, our collaboration financed a grand total of 45,000 safe drinking water bags (SaWa bags). This donation allowed some 25,000 families in Tanzania and Kenya to obtain clean drinking water. The SaWa bags impress due to their reusability and can be used up to 500 times. Up to 90 million litres of water can be purified and made drinkable as a result. The use of 45,000 bags also eliminates 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions as there is no longer a need to burn wood to boil water.


One Earth - One Ocean

We set up a cooperative partnership with the environmental organisation One Earth – One Ocean e.V. in 2023, which will initially run for three years. The organisation aims to clear oil, chemicals and plastic refuse from bodies of water worldwide and regards itself as a ‘maritime refuse collection service’. It operates various vessels as part of its efforts, including the SeeHamster and the SeeKühe. 


Hapag-Lloyd Cares - Local Engagement

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