The Ocean Tariff Rate Details List provides you a detailed overview of the tariff rate that you have selected on the Ocean Tariff Rate List.

Note: This page can only be reached via the Ocean Tariff Rate List.

Within the header section you can view the routing (incl. via locations) and your given search criteria.
Within the table you can see the

  • Charge type information
  • Amount
  • Validity
  • Mode of transport
  • Specials

The footer section presents special information for each rate. In order to have a look at this information select the respective row and click at the button ‘Details’. Besides the publishing date and the FMC Amendment Code additional information like e.g. base charges (in case of a percentage rate) will be presented.

You can also view the Rules and Regulations for a desired rate by selecting the respective row and clicking at the button ‘Rules’.

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