A passion for shipping coffee

From the plantation to the cup

Coffee is a premium product – and we treat it as such. Our customers – raw coffee traders, producers and purchasing organisations – appreciate Hapag-Lloyd’s extraordinary customer service. Our staff possesses a high degree of product expertise and are there to assist when you call.

In Hamburg, there is a Customer Service Import Coffee Desk, which has been specifically set up to handle all matters related to the shipment of coffee.

Globally, we've implemented coffee desks in key export countries to assist exporters with matters that meet their individualised requirements.

We know it and you know it: coffee is a natural product, harvests are dependent on the climate and they vary from year to year. As a logistics services provider, we adapt to these uncertainties and respond quickly.

Despite the volatility of the transport volume, we strive to have equipment and shipping capacity available to bring the harvests quickly and professionally to your destination. On-time delivery and quick cargo handling at the terminals are a matter of course for us.

Your advantages:

  • The containers we use meet very high standards and are clean and odourless
  • Our innovative steel-floor containers are particularly well-suited for shipping coffee
  • We line the containers with cardboard to avoid moisture damage
  • Jute fibre mats protect against condensation during transport
  • We also ensure sufficient air circulation when loading the cargo
  • Bookings are confirmed within a short period of time
  • The highest security standards are in place from plantation to port

On to new shores

Europe is by far the largest consumer of coffee. However, new markets are quickly growing as China, Japan, Taiwan (China) and Korea are increasingly discovering their passion for the stimulating beverage. Demand is increasing significantly and we are embracing these changes: We have already established new direct connections to the emerging coffee markets in Asia via our Transpacific routes.

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Hapag-Lloyd has a passion for coffee. Read more about our tailored solutions for your coffee transport.

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Coffee: Coveted Worldwide

Coffee is no longer just a a consumable. It's a lifestyle product coveted all around the world. Find out how we make sure the world gets its morning cup of java.

More than 100 years of coffee experience

Hapag-Lloyd has been shipping cofee more more than 100 years. Find out how that experience translates into quality service for you.


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