Applications au dépôt

Hapag-Lloyd utilizes innovative technologies to support customers and suppliers on better manage the challenges in the supply chain. Reduce your expenditures in logistic services by optimizing your Transport Planning using our digitalized solutions.

The Street Turn concept

Direct reuse of an import container for an export shipment, skipping the Drop Off and Pick Up process at the Depot or Terminal.


Pick Up and Drop Off Concept

Optimize your transports by reviewing Depot and Terminal options, achieve higher synergies, and avoid waiting times.



Achieve multiple benefits by using our solutions:

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Increased Productivity

Improved Carbon Footprint

Save Transport & Handling Costs

Ease in Planning & Executing Online

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Country Provider Solution Link
Australia Matchbox Matchbox
New Zealand
Matchbox Matchbox
China Boxamer Boxamer  
Malaysia Avantida reUse
Singapore Matchbox Matchbox
Great Britain
Avantida reUse
Netherlands Avantida reUse
Belgium Avantida reUse
Luxemburg Avantida reUse
France Avantida reUse
Germany Avantida reUse
Austria Avantida reUse
Switzerland Avantida reUse
Poland Avantida reUse
Brazil Avantida reUse
South Africa Avantida reUse
SE. India MatchLog MatchLog
C. India
MatchLog MatchLog
Canada Avantida DepotX
USA Avantida DepotX
Spain Avantida DepotX
Japan Avantida DepotX
Belgium Avantida DepotX
Luxemburg Avantida DepotX
Netherlands Avantida DepotX
Poland Avantida DepotX
Spain Avantida DepotX

In case you require additional information on how to improve your supply chain logistics using our street Turn and Pick Up and Drop Off Solutions, please contact ine of our local offices.

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