Information sur la sécurité en Chin

On March 28, 2008 People's Republic of China Customs Authority announced a Decree No. 172 in respect of administration regulation on manifests for exit-entry conveyances.

The regulation came into force January 1, 2009 and was formulated in accordance with the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and administrative regulations of relevance for the purposes of regulating the Customs administration of manifests of inbound and outbound means of transport, facilitating international trade and ensure international trade security.

The regulation requires all carriers to submit a list of Customs defined manifest data to China Customs electronically 24 hours before the vessel that will enter Chinese Customs territory arrives at the port of loading.  The Customs rule is applicable to all imports into, exports from and cargo transhipped via mainland Chinese ports. Foreign cargo Remaining On Board, carrier's empty container(s) and break bulk cargo(s) are exempted. Direct import shipments into Hong Kong and Macau are exempted from the regulation.

Accordingly, Hapag-Lloyd must be in possession of full and complete shipping instructions in time to meet vessel manifesting deadlines. Hapag-Lloyd will implement a No Doc - No Load policy for shipments where shipping istructions have not been received in line with the established documentation cut-off. Any cargo received without complete shipping instruction details will not be loaded on the intended vessel and all associated charges and costs for rollover to the next sailing will be at the exporter's expense.

Amendment application is subject to the approval of China Customs. Please contact the respective Hapag-Lloyd office for more information.

For further information please kindly refer to our customer letters:

Additional information of the regulation can be found on PRC Customs web site for Decree No. 172.

Applicable surcharges (SMD or SMC) have been published in our online tariff.

Please kindly contact your nearest Hapag-Lloyd office to find out more information.

For all DG shipments affected by the Chinese 24h security initiative (CCAM), structured shipping instructions with separated DG and non DG cargo description and weights are required.
Please find further information and examples in our customer letter:

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