Delivery Order Input

With your cargo planning in mind, we would like to remind you of the following steps for your containers' delivery:

  • Ensure that you have sent the original Bill of Lading to the Hapag Lloyd address indicated in your arrival notice.
  • For same day payment postings, payment must be submitted via ODeX.  
    (Includes direct PayCargo link, Upload ACH and wire payment details)
    Please register your company and gain access to real time updates from Hapag-Lloyd systems, empowering informed decision making.
    Physical checks are no longer accepted in our offices.  A manual check fee will be applied to any exceptions.
  • Verify that the cargo has been cleared by customs.
  • Confirm if the delivery address is able to receive the container within the applicable free time.
  • To find the Last Free Day of your shipment please visit the Import Overview section of our website.
  • To find the applicable tariff freetime please visit the Detention & Demurrage section.
  • In case you need additional days at destination, we are happy to remind you that you can purchase additional days at a discount rate via Navigator or by going to the Additional Services section.  Please remember that this option is only available until before the cargo discharges at destination.
  • For our Weekly Operational update please visit: Operational and Customer Service Updates for North America


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