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Smart PTI

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About Smart PTI

Smart PTI is our new application for informing depots and M&R service providers about the necessary type of maintenance work on our reefer containers - based on model, age and latest machinery condition.

The application is mandatory for all reefer M&R and depot service providers to support us reducing reefer breakdowns and increasing transport quality provided to our customers as part of our Strategy 2023.

Your Benefits

  • Increase your container throughput and achieve higher productivity
  • Reduce the number of required container handlings
  • Spend less time on manual reefer container checks


Mobile App

Designed to work on any common mobile device - directly from the normal internet browser (no software installation required).

Includes 'container scan' feature to read the container number using the mobile device's camera. 

Web System

Available for Windows and MAC through the normal internet browser (no software installation required). 

Includes multi-search feature to search up to 50 containers at the same time.


Electronic data interface to integrate the information directly into your IT systems.

Available soon through our Hapag-Lloyd API Suite.


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