The User List shows all users (besides your own) for your organisation who are registered for the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business. All those users have access to the same data (besides My Account and Schedule Subscription). Please select a user and click on "No longer with my company" if that user is no longer employed with your company and should therefore no longer receive access to Hapag-Lloyd Online Business

If you do not see a list, you are either not linked to any organisation yet or there are no more users within your organisation.

Screen area: List of Users

列表中的用户名单显示了您组织里注册赫伯罗特在线业务的所有用户(除了您自己)。所有这些用户获得相同的数据(除了我的帐户和订阅计划表)。如果该用户不再被贵公司雇佣,请选择该用户河点击“No longer with my company已经不在我公司了”所以他们应该不再授权登入赫伯罗特在线业务。



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