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If you're shipping within the Caribbean with our GCS service, here's a schedule update

If you are shipping with our Gulf Caribbean Service (GCS) service, linking the United States East Coast and Mexican Gulf with Central America and the Caribbean, here's an update that might impact your cargo planning.

Starting on April 2023, this fortnightly service will turn into a weekly service, adding two new weekly loops. Thinking about your cargo planning, here's the new rotation for these two loops:

North Loop (GCS)

  • Houston (US) – Altamira (MX) – Veracruz (MX) – Puerto Barrios (GT) – Puerto Cortes (HN) – Caucedo (DO) – Kingston (JM) – Houston (US)

  • The first vessel sailing under the North Loop's weekly frequency will be MV MAIRA V. 2315 SB with an estimated time of arrival at Houston (US) on April 13, 2023.

  • On this loop, Caucedo (DO) will be a transshipment option for cargo from Mexico, with 25 days transit time to Puerto Limon (CR) and 11 days to San Juan (PR). The first port call will be Puerto Barrios, expected on April 21, 2023.

For your reference, here's the updated rotation map:

Gulf Caribbean (GCS) service rotation
  • Between weeks 16 and 19, the Centram Feeder will exclusively load reefer cargo from Santo Tomas in Guatemala and Puerto Cortes in Honduras to ensure a smooth connection at Caucedo for our CES Service.

  • From week 20, dry and reefer cargo, will be loaded via Puerto Barrios (ETA May 19, 2023) and Puerto Cortes (ETA May 20, 2023) on the new GCS.

South Loop (GC2)

  • Cartagena (CO) – Manzanillo (PA) – Santo Tomas / Puerto Barrios (GT) – Puerto Cortes (HN) – Puerto Limon (CR) – Cartagena (CO) – Caucedo (DO) – San Juan (PR) – Cartagena (CO)

  • The first vessel sailing under the South Loop's weekly frequency will be MV JONATHAN P V. 2314 NB with an estimated time of arrival at Cartagena (CO) on April 3, 2023.   
  • The tentative first call at Puerto Barrios will be confirmed at a later date.

For your reference, here's the rotation map:

Gulf Caribbean 2 (GC2) service rotation

To assist your cargo planning, you can use our vessel tracker to view our vessels' latest Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure. If you should require additional information, please contact our customer service team at your location, who will guide you based on your individual situation.


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