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  • 赫伯罗特是该航线的领先承运人之一,在市场上提供出色的服务
  • 亚洲和拉丁美洲太平洋- 加勒比地区之间每周6次航行是市场上最佳的频率
  • 通过我们广泛的支线和多式联运网络,在亚洲和拉丁美洲之间实现快速运输
  • 使用我们广泛的多式联运网络,为墨西哥最重要的港口和地点提供极好的的覆盖范围和运输时间
  • 亚洲和南美洲东海岸之间每周2次航行,拥有广泛的港口覆盖范围和市场上最佳频率
  • 赫伯罗特可以通过专业的服务部门和现代化的设备团队,提供关于冷藏货物、矿产、零售、汽车零部件等专业领域的相关业务知识
  • 我们的每一项服务都配备了现代化、高效的船舶

Esteban Perez, Senior Director Trade Management Latin America - Asia
Esteban Perez, Senior Director Trade Management Latin America - Asia

"We have designed a comprehensive service network connecting Asia, Middle East and Latam with competitive transit times, frequency, and an ample geographical coverage. This, with the aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, including a high-quality service experience across the whole shipment lifecycle."

Asia - Latin America products

Our Asia - Latin America Services

  • We offer weekly sailings between Asia and Mexico / South America West Coast, the best frequency in the market
  • Direct and dedicated services covering most relevant markets in Asia and Latin America
  • Comprehensive feeder network in Asia, South America and Caribbean as well as a reliable and well established intermodal network in Mexico and Central America
  • State of the art Reefer fleet and a deep expertise in the handling of Reefer cargo and atmosphere control for high sensitive perishable commodities
  • Most efficient vessel fleet in this market
  • Regular, reliable and dedicated service covering major ports in Asia and Latin America
  • Weekly direct service covering major ports in Asia, Mexico and Caribbean
  • Good connectivity to other locations using our extensive feeder and intermodal network
  • Advanced inland haulage product within Mexico and Central America

Caribbean Hubs and Connections

Via Caucedo
St. John's
Nassau, New Rovidence Island
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Saint George'S
Virgin Gorda
Cruz Bay, Saint John
St. Thomas
St. Croix
Basseterre, St Kitts
Charlestown, Nevis
Camden Park, St. Vincent
Grand Turk Island
Road Town, Tortola
Blowing Point
Freeport, Grand Bahama
St. Barthelemy
Grand Cayman
Vieux Fort
Via Cartagena
Santo Tomas De Castilla
Puerto Cortes
La Guaira
Puerto Cabello
Point Lisas
Puerto Limon
Santiago De Cuba
Santa Marta
Via Manzanillo,Pa
Oranjestad, Aruba
Willemstad, Curacao
Kralendijk, Bonaire
Via Kingston
Belize City
Port Au Prince
El Guamache
Rio Haina
  • Two reliable, dedicated and direct weekly sailings between Asia and South America East Coast
  • Extensive port coverage in Asia and South America East Coast
  • Weekly Qingdao direct call
  • Good connectivity to/from North Brazil and River Plate
  • Modern and efficient ships deployment
  • High reefer plug capacity to offer excellent reefer product



Service and Information

Vessels, Routes and Locations

  • 船舶 264
  • 路径 113
  • 地点 398
  • 终端股份 20
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