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  • 我们为您提供定期可靠的每周服务,并为您提供连接远东,印度次大陆和中东的具有竞争力的运输时间
  • 全面的内陆和支线网络,为您的业务提供更多可能性
  • 我们提供行业领先的专业知识,帮助您安全运输对温度敏感的货物
  • 遍布亚洲的办事处网络与当地专家共同满足您的运输需求
Chan Khai Tou, Senior Director, Trade Management Intra Asia

“The Hapag Lloyd Intra Asia network facilitates the smooth flow of trade between East Asia and major markets in Middle East, India and Oceania through a wide range of more than 20 services. We are constantly innovating our offering to meet the changing market demands in these fast-growing regions. For instance, starting from 2023, we will enhance our suite of Oceania products to provide greater reliability for shipments between major Australia ports and the rest of the world via our Singapore hub.”

Intra Asia products

Our IRT Asia services

Our Asia - Oceania prodcut

  • Five dedicated weekly services connecting Far East and Oceania with competitive transit times
  • Extensive coverage calling at the major ports in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Comprehensive inland and feeder product
  • Modern fleet of reefer equipment with features such as controlled atmosphere, higher payload, and more hygienic interior design. Hapag-Lloyd also applies strict rules on the segregation of food and non-food grade reefer containers

Our Short Sea product

  • Two dedicated weekly services connecting Japan, Singapore to Indonesia
  • Direct service from Japan main ports to Singapore and Jakarta with competitive transit times
  • Providing reliable feeder coverage from Surabaya, Vietnam & Philippines to Singapore connecting onto major long haul services
  • Comprehensive short sea coverage available on all main line services connecting East Asia ports  

Our Asia - Indian Subcontinent product

  • Direct Korea, North and South China coverage
  • Re-gained Dammam call with sufficient allocation to cater for petrochemical export potential
  • Jubail call for petrochemical export potential to Asia
  • South East Asia Hub will cater to the petrochemical ATM/DIT (Advanced Transshipment Management / Delay in Transit) export business


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